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"The Double" by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky - summary, download


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Psychologically unstable, overly emotional, too suspicious Dostoevsky, already at the first stage of his work, turned to the theme of the doppelganger (double), so characteristic of European literature of the era of romanticism, where the double is the dark side of the hero's personality split off from the main, dark side of the hero's personality.
So Titular Counselor Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, a gentle, gentle, open person, began to notice that recently acquaintances and patrons began to shun him, and colleagues - to whisper behind his back. Hints of acquaintances about unworthy behavior introduce Golyadkin into confusion and bewilderment, until, one fine day, he met a person, his exact copy and equally exact opposite ...


Summary of the novel

The titular councilor, Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, “fusses” all day. He visits Doctor Krestyan Ivanovich Rutenshpits, simply drives around the city without any sense, then goes to the ball to State Councilor Berendeev, but he is not allowed there. Golyadkin enters the house from the back door, but he is discovered and kicked out.At night, on the way home, Golyadkin meets a passer-by who is very similar to him. In the apartment, he realizes that he has met his own double.
The next day, it turns out that the double is called exactly the same and he serves in the same department as Golyadkin. The doppelganger, called Golyadkin Jr., explains to Golyadkin Sr., and the latter is imbued with sympathy for him. However, the behavior of the double is very scandalous - he curses himself with the authorities, appropriating the work of the real Golyadkin, then insults Golyadkin Sr. and runs away, not allowing him to justify himself. It is impossible to find out where he disappeared - the servant tells Golyadkin Sr. his own address.The next day, Golyadkin is late for service and hands over a letter to Golyadkin Jr., who, it turns out, is already in the office. In the evening he gets to the department, but he still can't explain himself to the double.
Golyadkin has a letter in his pocket, where the daughter of state councilor Berendeev Klara asks to see her at night so that he can save her by taking her away from home. Golyadkin asks the general for protection, but does not achieve anything, after which he goes to Berendeev to wait for Clara. They notice him, take him into the house, where everyone seems to sympathize with him. Doctor Rutenshpitz appears and takes Golyashkin, who suddenly notices that this is not a familiar doctor, but some other, "terrible"one.


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