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"Lives of the Twelve Caesars" by Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus - summary, download


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Summary of the novel

Guy Suetonius Tranquil - Secretary of Emperor Hadrian.
Suetonius official duties included the processing of all incoming and outgoing imperial correspondence: he received all reports, reports and letters that came to the emperor, decided which of these papers should be handed over to the emperor, which should be reported in words, what should not be mentioned at all. worthy of attention. Gaius Suetonius Tranquill also compiled the texts of imperial decrees and orders, gave them to Adrian for signature, and sent them to places for execution.
If we draw analogies with modern government positions, Suetonius was something like "the head of the Presidential Administration."In addition, he was at the same time the head of the imperial chancellery "for scientific affairs", which was in charge of all state archives and libraries.
Having access to absolutely all archival documents, including top secret, Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus in 120 wrote biographies of the first 12 Roman emperors, and combined them into one book called "The Life of the Twelve Caesars".
The book is a biography of the Roman emperors from Julius Caesar to Domitian, that is, a period of about 100 chapter is built on a standard structure - the origin of the emperor, youth, social activities, private life, character, appearance, circumstances of death, and the chronological sequence of events within one chapter is often not followed.
The language of presentation is dry and short. The book is valuable in that it is almost the only source of information about the private life of the emperors, even taking into account the fact that many of this information is difficult to consider reliable and they are rather historical anecdotes.


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