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What is Pacman

In May 1980, the computer arcade Pac-Man was released in Japan for the first time, which in Japanese sounds like Pakku-man from the expression "paku-paku taberu", which can be roughly translated as: "continuously open your mouth wide, and then slam ; swallow, eat; bite off". In the Russian-language version, everything is much simpler: Pakman for us, it is in the common people - Kolobok. Already this autumn, the game appeared in America and seriously competed with space shooters, which were especially popular during those years. It was a completely new idea, offering a non-violent gameplay that made it fun for all ages and genders. A pacman ran along the corridors of the labyrinth - a bun and devoured peas, while running away from ghosts.
Pacman Games easy to manage and with a simple plot, the toy woke up the excitement. Soon, serials and even music albums began to be filmed on it, heroes of films and cartoons turned to it, other computer games began to borrow its idea, and in the Guinness Book of Records it took sixth place among the top fifty. It is interesting that even the Google search engine was so imbued with the toy that it made it always available on its page.


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How to play Pacman

The player controls Pac-Man through the maze by eating Pac-Dots as he moves.
When all the dots are eaten, Pac-Man proceeds to the next stage (still the same maze) with an increased level of difficulty.
Four ghost enemies (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde) roam the maze, all the while trying to catch Pac-Man. If the ghost touches Pac-Man, a life is lost. When all lives are lost, it's no wonder the game ends.
The Four Immortal Friends of Pac-Man Near the corners of the maze are four large flashing dots, known as energy pellets, that "activate" Pac-Man and give him the temporary ability to eat ghosts. This lasts a few seconds for each granule eaten.
Enemies turn dark blue, change direction, and generally move more slowly. When an enemy is eaten, their eyes remain and return to the central holding pen, where the ghost is restored to its normal color. Additional points are also awarded to the player.
Blue enemies flash white before they become dangerous again (as the energy shot's effect wears off), and the amount of time enemies remain vulnerable varies from stage to stage. The time period usually gets shorter as the game progresses.
In the later stages, enemies don't change color at all, but still change direction when an energy pellet is eaten.
In addition to dots and pellets, bonus items (usually in the form of fruits) appear near the central part of the maze. These items give the player additional bonus points when consumed. As the game progresses, items change and bonus values ​​increase.

Ghost characters: