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What is Solitaire

"Free cell" - card solitaire. In Windows XP, the game is incorrectly named "Solitaire" (this solitaire game differs from "Free Cell" in one rule). Solitaire successfully combines high complexity (much more difficult than Klondike), complete information and a meager percentage of combinations that cannot be added.


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How to play Solitaire

A standard deck of cards (52 cards) is used.

If you need to move a stack of cards, this can only be done one at a time, using empty columns and free cells. With n free cells and m empty columns, you can move  (n+1)\* 2^{m} stacked cards in order. Such combinations are called "super moves" to another place. The computer versions usually show the super move in every detail; those who play with a real deck simply move the pile, making sure that the cards are really stacked in order, and there are enough empty cells.

Solitaire differs from "Free cell" in one rule: cards in columns are laid out by suit, one per turn.