Are So Called Diets Making Us Fat?

There are many popular diets out their from Atkins to the grapefruit or cabbage soup diet, however more and more people are realising that diets that cut out one nutrient group will not give them the long lasting results they require. Often people find after the initial weight loss they quickly regain weight and often more than what they had previously weighed.

Recently a research team from the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center Boston Children's Hospital studied the effects of different types of diets on 21 individuals over a three month period and concentrated on three types of diets.

  • The low carbohydrate diet.
  • The low fat diet
  • The low glycemic index diet.

Effects of the Diets:

Firstly the low carbohydrate diet although showed good results for body metabolic rates it did no do favourably in respect to the way in which it raised the cortisol levels of the individuals which has been linked to lost sensitivity to insulin, as well as cardiovascular disease.

With the low fat diet although this is often a popular recommendation for those with cardiovascular problems it actually was found toВ  result in insulin resistance, which is a condition in which the body produces insulin but does not use it properly and is associated with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. Along with a decreased use of energy. There has been research which suggests a high fat diet may be beneficial.

According to the research the best results were from the individuals placed on a low glycemic index diet. The low-glycemic diet helped stabilize blood sugar and metabolism, it also had a beneficial impact on inflammation, stress hormones, and other heart-health markers.This may be because this diet does not exclude any group of nutrients but rather gives the body foods that release energy slowly so that the blood sugars remain at a steady level, hence enabling your body to function optimally.

The Effect of High Glycemic Food

Food that is called high GI (glycemic index) are ones that are typically high in simple carbohydrates such as refined flour and sugars which re believed to increase both blood sugar and blood fat levels, and according to some decrease the good HDL cholesterolВ  in the body.

В What are High Glycemic Foods?

In the Huffingtonpost they say that High glycemic foods are those such as fruit juices, breads, potatoes and baked goods. Generally speaking these are foods that lack a balance of protein and fat to make them easier for the body to metabolise.

В What are Low Glycemic Foods?

Low glycemic index foods are ones such as oatmeal, legumes and vegetables, there are also sweeteners such as mesquite and coconut sugarВ  which are a great alternative to white processed sugars. Low gi foods are in generalВ  full ofВ  fat, fiber and protein and allow our bodies to slowly digest what we eat which results in us feeling satisfied form hunger for a longer period of time. Therefore we are less likely to over eat and more likely to gain nutrition from our food choices.