Goji Berries The Fountain Of Youth

As you may have guessed form the title of this post I'm going to be writing about Goji Berries, which are one of my favourite foods. Being a lover of sweet foods I'm always trying to find foods that are nutritious but yet will satisfy my craving for sweetness and Goji berries tick all the boxes for me. We use them in almost anything, from smoothies to salads, from cake decorations to trail mixes, you name it and we've probably added Goji berries to it.

So in my haste to find out if these berries are really good for me  I learned some very intriguing history and found out not only are they tasty, nutritious but also can help you live longer.

The History of Goji Berries

The Chinese have been growing Gojis for over 5000 years and in their traditions the spirit of the Goji bush is normally represented as a young, virile woman. In the Ningxia province where they are mainly grown the inhabitants have more centenarians than any other province in China and are said to age more gracefully. It is widely believed amongst Chinese people that this little berry helps to extend people's lives.

So Why do Goji Berries Help to Keep People youthful?

Although I knew that traditionally these little berries are associated with longevity I wanted to find out if there was actually any scientific research to prove that they may help to extend lives.

Firstly I learned that Goji berries are an adaptogen which simply means that they have a combination of therapeutic effects on the human body. They help the body to be able to deal with stress as they strengthen and invigorate the adrenal glands as well as other bodily systems.

These berries are also alkaline which is important if we want to boost our immune function which I explained about in more detail in my blog post The Battle Over Health is Really Over Ph. By boosting our immunity and creating more alkaline conditions in our body we enable our body to fight of illness more efficiently and therefore increase our feelings of well-being and our longevity.

Another significant reason as to why Goji berries are linked with extending lives is due to their ability to help the body produce Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and are the only food known to man that have the ability to do this. This is a crucial factor because as we age our body's production of HGH decreases and this is linked to symptoms of aging.

The goji berry is believed to increase production of HGH due to its contents of;

  • Sesquiterpenoids which not only help fight inflammation (associated with degenerative diseases) but also stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands which therefore cause a higher levels of HGH to be produced.
  •  L-glutamine and l-arginine both of which are amino acids that work alongside each other to aid the body in producing more HGH.

Finally the levels of antioxidants that the Goji berry has help to protect our bodies from the damage caused by free radicals and radiation. When we increase our intake of antioxidants we help our body to repair damage and fight if off. The healthier we keep our cells and protect our DNA from damage the less likely we are to suffer from illnesses.

Therefore tuck into your goji berries and enjoy the taste as well as knowing you are giving your body great nutrition and a chance to experience well being and longevity. You can use them as they did  in ancient traditions  where they were used to make tea, soup, and wine.