How to Boost Your Immunity this Winter!!!

At this present time I am writing this from a snowy Christchurch with the heat pump going trying to keep warm and wondering why it is that at this time of year so many people seem to fall prey to coughs, colds, and flu. I don’t have an answer for this, but would like to know why.

It may be that are bodies are working harder to keep us warm so are using up our energy to keep us warm and therefore have less energy to fight off sickness, or it may be due to the change in temperature from outdoor to indoors.

Which ever way you look at you need to prepare your body for the winter by eating as nutritiously as possible and upping your intake of antioxidants and vitamins especially vitamin C. You may also need to take into  account the lack of sunlight and how this effects your vitamin D level which can have a huge impact on your health.


Firstly if you want to prevent illnesses the key is to avoid acid forming foods such as processed white flour, red meat, alcohol, and caffeine, and be sure to eat alkaline forming food. Some of the top foods for immunity are; ginger which is great to have if ou feel a cold coming on and tasts great made into a ta with a spoonful of raw honey which also has healing properties. Garlic  is world renowned for its healing and immune boosting properties. There are also a wide range of foods recommended for their immune boosting properties, and are highly alkalising for body. Some of the most alkaline forming foods are spirulina and chlorella which are also abundant in nutritents that your body needs and have high levels of protein which are essential especially if you are avoiding red meat due to its acid forming effect. They also work to detox your body this allows your body and immune system to work more efficiently so you can stay healthier.

Vitamin C

You will also want to increase your intake of vitamin C as it is water soluble which means are bodies are unable to store it. Vitamin C is important for our bodies to repair and keep our bones and teeth healthy as well as being beneficial for treating colds as Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling found. One of the richest sources of vitamin C is superfruit camu camu . If you compare it to a strawberry which has 42mg of vitamin C per 100grams of pulp camu camu has 2780 mg per 100 grams of pulp , which means you really get your money’s worth when you eat camu camu. Another good source of vitamin C is cacao, not only is this rich in vitamin C but also is abundant in antioxidants and vitamins and minerals which help to keep your body healthy.

Stay Warm

In my personal opinion a great way of getting heaps of nutrition into your diet on cold winter days is to make a soup and put in as many vegetables as possible, and before serving add fresh herbs and a sprinkling of macapowder which will help to ensure you are getting essential amino acids whilst adding extra flavour.


Vitamin D

As I already mentioned getting enough vitamin D from the sun at this time of year can be a challenge especially when it is raining or snowing and as an increasing amount of research is coming out showing how vital it is for our health, it is one nutrient you do not want to be lacking in. Therefore you may want to add a natural supplement form or try to get outside for a walk as much as possible. Walking will also help to keep your heart and circulation healthy.

Finally be sure to rest and make the most of the colder seasons as an excuse to give your body dense nutrition and plenty of time to relax. Stay Healthy!!!