How to Live a Healthy Life in the 21st Century!

With New Zealand being fourth in the world for the highest cancer rates, we might think we live in a green nation however this statistic indicates that we have a long way to go when it comes to our health. In this article I aim to help you regain your health and live a life that is abundantly full of health and well-being

 Diet Essentials:

Firstly one of the most important steps you can take for your well being is to cut out processed white foods, so that means white flour, rice, bread, sugars etc, instead you can replace these with more wholesome alternatives such as chia seeds, quinoa, spelt flour and grains that have been sprouted. To add sweetness to our food there are many alternatives to sugar such as mesquite, lucuma fruit powder, and yacon syrup, these also have a multitude of health benefits which help to keep our bodies well and our immune systems strong.

Secondly many health experts recommend cutting out diary products as once we leave behind infancy we stop producing the enzyme "lactose" which allows us to properly digest milk, it is therefore believed that the majority of people are lactose intolerant. This intolerance leads to health problems and creates a more acidic environment in our bodies which then weakens our immune system However if you do love diary it is better to always choose organic and diary that has had minimal processing.

Thirdly when it comes to your diet you need to be sure to minimize the toxins entering your body from meat that is injected with hormones and antibiotics. This is essential as many animals are pumped with growth hormones which in turn when we ingest them can cause cancer cells to grow quickly. You may want to add in other forms of protein to your diet especially ones that are easier to digest. One of the richest sources of protein known to man is spirulina powder which also has many healing properties.

Foods that have been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides are often carcinogenic so should always be avoided, and organic should be eaten where ever possible.

Getting Rid of Environmental Toxins

When it comes to healthy living many people make the link between what they are eating and health but do not think about the toxins that they are breathing in and the chemicals in the water they are drinking and bathing in which can have a huge impact on our health.

Although we tend to think that we live in an advanced age when it comes to the water we drink, many people are unaware of the chemicals that are pumped into our water supply such as fluoride and chlorine which then accumulate in our body and increase our toxic load which in turn diminishes our immune system and can lead to an array of health issues.

Cleaning products are also full of chemicals that we breathe in and can increase our toxic load as well as increasing allergies. This is a problem that can be easily avoided by switching to using cheaper and natural products such as white vinegar and bicarb soda. To freshen up your home essential oils are the perfect alternative to air fresheners which are full of chemicals.

Personal Care Products

Personal care products are also damaging to our health as they often have chemicals in them which are then absorbed through our skin which once again adds to our toxic load and many people report skin iritations. Therefore wherever posible use natural products and avoid anti-perspirants which clog up your skin and block your sweat glands.

Using products that are stored in plastic can be dangerous, for example tinned products and bottled water. The phthalates found in many products have been linked with disrupting our endocrine system and leading to degenerative diseases. Therefore it is advisable to store your foods in glass containers and if you do store food in plastic containers be sure not to heat the plastic as this can cause the chemicals to leak onto your food.

Radiation risks

Another health risk for our bodies is the exposure to radiation we give to our body's.This is one that can be harder to control, as most of us have to use computers and mobile phones. However there are means by which we can limit our exposure to radiation, for example by using a hands Free mobile phone kit, and wherever possible avoiding x-rays.

Finaly pathogens(which is a form of bacteria and an agent of disease) are believed to be the cause of one in six cases of cancer and can go unrecognised whilst slowly dimishing our imune system as it tries to fight them, therefore it is advisbale to get your body checked for pathogens.

With all this said emotional well-being is also vital if you want to have a healthy body and dealing with any emotional issues is also vital if you want to have peak health. So remember be kind to your self, be self-aware and aware of your environment as well as the food you eat.