A Chocolatey Treat

Growing up in the UK we would often holiday in France and one of the things that I always remember was how common it was for French people to have chocolate for breakfast. Whether it be a pain-au-chocolat, a hot … Read More


Shedding the Sugar

I recently was invited to join a group ofВ friends via the wonderful world of Facebook to do a month of “Shed the Sugar” for all of May. Now don’t get me wrong I have been off processed sugar for a … Read More


Warming Spiced Apple Muffins

With the cold weather well and truly here, itВ is alwaysВ nice to have warming nourishing snacks to have on hand, that will help to see you through the day. I recently made these delicious muffins which are not only gluten and … Read More


What Key Vitamin Will Help You Radiate and Shine?

I have recently been reading Dr Libby’s new book, which I highly recommend reading, called ‘Beauty from the Inside out’ . The book talks about each vitamin and mineral and the role it plays in the body, В not only to … Read More


Spring Time Recipes

Now that winter is officially over what better way to celebrate than to begin a healthy eating program, and really ensure we are looking after our bodies in the best possible way. So here I have a few recipes for … Read More


Are You Part Of The Magnesium Deficiency Epidemic?

What Is Magnesium? Magnesium is a mineral that is found in over 300 essential metabolic enzymes in the human body. These enzymes are responsible for all sorts of functions such as creating energy, relaxation of muscles and blood vessels, regulating … Read More


3 Spices You Never Knew Had Health Benefits

Are You Ignoring Your Herbs And Spices? Do you have a cupboard full of spices that you bought for a new recipe, used them once and haven’t looked at them again? It’s a a common trend for people to become … Read More

Are You Eating Petro-Chemicals?

Hey folks, If you missed the live webinar the other night on the topic of ‘Petro-Chemicals’ then we encourage you to check out the replay now, as there was some very interesting points covered. Here’s the link to the replay … Read More


Could you Be Suffering from a Mineral Deficiency?

What mineral is linked to over 300 bodily functions and over half the population are deficient in it? Can you guess? Magnesium! This mineral is believed to play one of the most important roles in maintaining our health. Health Problems … Read More

LifeFoods001 GROUP SHOT

Check Out Our New Product Range

After months of hard work the Lifefoods Team is proud to announce the launch of our new product range. Not only have we searched the globe for a high quality range of super foods but we have also done our … Read More


The Role of Anti-oxidants

When reading articles about health and nutrition we often hear about anti-oxidants but often I find people don’t actually know what they are or why they are important for our bodies to maintain healthy. In this post I am going … Read More


Health and Vitality for The Party Season

It’s that time of year when everyone is having parties and impromptu bbqs. And what’s more is, it is only going to get worse in the lead up to Christmas and then New Year. For those of us who care … Read More


Goji Berries The Fountain Of Youth

As you may have guessed form the title of this post I’m going to be writing about Goji Berries, which are one of my favourite foods. Being a lover of sweet foods I’m always trying to find foods that are … Read More