The Battle Over Health is Really Over pH!

You may or may not have heard of the alkaline diet, and you may have thought to yourself it 's "just an other fad diet". However adopting an alkaline diet is not just a fad it is a life long way of eating that helps to maintain abundant levels of health and well being.

The reason behind it being such a crucial part of a healthy life is that our bodies are designed to be alkaline, our blood and important bodily fluids are meant to be at aВ pH of 7.365.

Our bodies do everything they can to maintain alkaline and therefore if we are eating highly acidic foods our store of alkaline minerals becomes depleted. For example the body will draw calcium (an alkaline mineral) В toВ neutralizeВ the acid forming foods we are having, which in turn wreaks havoc in our bodies and causes osteoporosis.

Dr Robert Young has done extensive research into the effect of having an alkaline diet and this clip below gives us an idea of the importance of alkalinity.


Over time as humans we have become more and more detached from the natural world and our lives have become increasingly acidic. This is why it so essential for us to take a holistic look at our lifestyles, and address how we can maintain excellent levels of health.

What are the most acid forming Foods?

Highly acid forming foods are ones that have had the most processing, such as:

white flours, refined white sugar, and the products which are made using these ingredients. Caffeine, alcohol, meat, and dairy products including; ice cream, yoghurt cheese and milky drinks are also acidic. Although the foods we eat can be acid forming our lifestyles and amount of stress we are under can add to acidity in our bodies, which I will talk about shortly.

В What are the most alkalizing Foods?

So if we are to try and alkalise our bodies what are the foods that we can eat? Generally speaking the foods which help toВ alkalizeВ our bodies are green leafy vegetables, broccoliВ for example is a great food for adding alkalinity to your body, as well as many nuts and seeds, such as chia seedsВ and flax seeds which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Coconut oil is a great oil to use when following an alkaline diet as well as having many other benefits which I talked about in the previous post.

A great way of getting a daily boost of alkalinity is by drinking green drinks which are rich in chlorophyll. I personally have one every day, my normal choice is a spirulina drink, when I am feeling slightly under the weather I try to drink more spirulina to bring my ph levels into balance.

Things to Watch out for?

Although fruit does have beneficial vitamins and minerals due to its sugar content it is slightly acid forming, therefore you should be careful not to eat too much of it. However there are a few exceptions to the rule. These exceptions are lemons, avocado, tomatoes and coconut which are alkaline forming. Lemons and tomatoes are interesting to look at as they are acidic when tested outside the body but when ingested they are alkaline forming.

It is also extremely important to note the importance of our emotions on our bodies' health and in Dr Young's research he notes how acid forming stress is, on our bodies. To combat stress and acidic conditions in our body it is essential to do exercise which helps to pump our lymph and blood around our body which then aids elimination of waste and delivers oxygen to our cells.

Eating a completely alkaline diet can seem challenging at first, but in my experience it is best to start by adding to your diet rather than taking away. This may mean adding lemon to your water and having a green leafy salad with every meal. You may want to avoid the higly acidic foods such as red meat and sugary desserts. However if your health is in a really bad way I suggest that you eat at least 80% alkaline to get it back on track.

The advantages of an alkaline diet are unending and I personally have seen peoples health turn around by following it. So eat your greens and enjoy amazing health.