Want to Boost Your Immune System, Have More Energy and Look Radiant Try a Raw Food Diet

If you really want to improve your health it may be as simple as increasing your intake of raw foods.

Eating a diet that is more than 50% raw helps your digestive system to work more efficiently as cooked foods increase your toxic load, where as raw foods help your body to get rid of toxins.

Eating raw food is eating as nature intended us to eat and means our bodies are able to use the vitamins and minerals in the food more efficiently. When we eat cooked food the food contains compounds which our body sees as invaders, we know this as our white blood cells become more active.

Raw foods maintain their enzymes so they do not deplete out bodies of enzymes unlike cooked food. Maintaining our enzymes levels is vital for a healthy immune system and for high energy levels. It also allows our digestive system to work optimally.

Many people choose to increase their raw food intake as they realise the benefits it has on health conditions and how people have been cured from a vast array of diseases from diabetes to cancer, by following raw foods diets (obviously consult your medical practitioner before doing this).

Not only can it help you to detox and clear up skin problems but can also help with weight loss, and some studies suggest it can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, and aid your digestion.

One of the reasons that it is so beneficial in boosting your immune system is that when our bodies are alkaline they do not breed sickness, because food that is cooked becomes acidic, this makes it easier for our bodies to become sick. Therefore when we increase the raw foods in our diet we help our bodies to stay more alkaline.

How to Increase Your Raw Food Intake

Some people when they think of a raw food they diet they think they are going to be eating rabbit food for the rest of their lives, however raw foods can taste delicious when you learn a few recipes and open your eyes to the variety that is available on a raw food diet. However you may want to start by just having a raw breakfast, which may be a smoothie made with almond milk, frozen fruits, chia seeds and maca powder. Another easy way to increase your consumption of raw foods is by always eating a raw salad with your meals. I also think a great way to really enjoy raw foods is by making desserts and snacks for example, you can make delicious pie crusts with coconut, nuts, and coconut oil, and fill it with a raw filling such as raw chocolate mouse. You can check out our raw food recipe book if you want more raw food recipe ideas.

Raw snacks are also a perfect addition to boost your intake of raw foods, you may want to make up your own trail mix of raw nuts, dried fruits such as goji berries, and pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Often I will just eat a few raw cacao beans for a bit of an energy boost.

 Things to be aware of.

When you adopt a raw food diet, it is important to be sure you are getting enough iron, calcium and vitamin b-12. Iron and calcium cam be found in green leafy vegetables and some superfoods especially chia seeds, but getting vitamin b-12 can be harder as it is mainly found in animal produce. However raw foodists generally eat a diet that is 75% raw so you may choose to eat some eggs or cheese to get vitamin b-12 or you may want to use a supplement.

Finally one of the major benefits of following a raw food diet is that your taste buds come alive. Once you get used to not eating foods that aren't  loaded with preservatives and chemicals you start to enjoy the natural flavours of food!!!