What are Superfoods?

If you had have asked me 5 years ago what a superfood I probably wouldn't have been able to tell you, although I would have stabbed a guess that it was a food that was healthy for you. However in the last few years I have gone on a journey of discovery into health and have learnt a great deal about how to take my health into my own hands.
On this journey I have discovered the joy of superfoods.

What are Superfoods Exactly?

Well let me explain, a superfood is a food that is extremely dense in nutrients,  generally speaking is low in calories, and is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are the things that fight free radicals or the toxins and poisons that speed up the aging process.

Benefits of Superfoods

So not only do they help to slow down aging they also give your immune system  a boost and can help you to detox so that your organs can work more efficiently. They are also great for boosting your energy levels so you can keep going for longer this is because most of them have a low GI so they keep your energy levels steady rather than  making your blood sugar levels go high and then low.

Many of the Superfoods are foods that have been prized by ancient and native communities and have been held in great esteem for their nutritional and healing properties. Superfoods are found in nature and in my opinion it is always better to eat food in it most natural state so the least amount of processing and preserving that has taken the place the better.

What the experts say.

According to the Weston A. Price Foundation:
"Superfoods- as opposed to vitamins or supplements- are foods that naturally concentrate important nutrients. Unlike dietary supplements, or vitamins taken in isolation, superfoods provide many nutrients that support each other and prevent the kind of in balances that often occur when vitamins are taken singly"

One of the top nutritional experts on raw food and superfoods, David Wolfe calls foods such as maca powder, goji berries, cacao powder and bee pollen, superfoods. Although different people have different opinions on this topic I think the key is to be aware of the foods you are eating and choose foods that are natural and dense in nutrients to be sure to have super health and super food!!!
Yours in Health and Wellness