What Key Vitamin Will Help You Radiate and Shine?

I have recently been reading Dr Libby's new book, which I highly recommend reading, vitamin-c-300x220called 'Beauty from the Inside out' . The book talks about each vitamin and mineral and the role it plays in the body, В not only to make you more beautiful but to enhance health, therefore allowing you to radiate and shine.

Reading this book В has really inspired me to be more intentional with what I eat when I say this I mean, to ensure I am getting all the nutrients I need for my body to function optimally. As having two young children it can be all too easy to slip into bad habits and not take the time to ensure that I am nourishing myself in every way possible, for example it is so easy to go a few days without eating my greens but the price I pay is depleted energy and my body does not thank me for it.

One of the key nutrients that is talked about in the book is vitamin C, I never before realised how essential it is for us to be getting optimal amounts of vitamin C. I knew it was important for supporting our immune system but it also plays many crucial roles in our bodies, especially when it comes to beauty.

So why is vitamin C so important and what is the association with beauty?

Firstly vitamin C can actually help to slow down the ageing process, this is because it helps to slow down free radicals which consume collagen and elastin the very things we need to keep our skin looking young and healthy. Furthermore it actually helps the body to produce collagen when taken with vitamin E. В So Maybe it is time to ditch your expensive anti- ageing cream and simply up your intake of vitamin C!Vitamin C also helps our body to detox and to cope with stress, which for many people is essential when we live in a world where we are surrounded with toxins and stress, making it extremely difficult for us to maintain a healthy immune system.

It is also a vital nutrient when it comes to healing, growth, and repair of our cells, and especially bones and teeth.
If you want to avoid getting degenerative diseases vitamin C is believed to help prevent these illnesses due to it being an antioxidant, which can also help to reduce inflammation and damage in the body. Finally it helps to support good gut health, by helping support good bacteria and being В detrimental to the bad bacteria. If you want astounding health and well being В a healthy gut is essential, as 80 percent of your immune system is located in your gut. I have written about this in a previous blog post The Key to Health is Our Digestive System


How to Increase Vitamin C Intake

Learning so much about vitamin C and why it is so vital for our health inspired me to ensure I have been getting optimal amounts and one of the richest sources of vitamin C is Camu Camu powder which can be added to smoothies or just mixed in with water. I also love to drink water with lemon, and even give this to our two year old son with manuka honey if he seems a little under the weather. Another great way to add in vitamin C to your day is by putting gojis and maqui berry powder into your smoothies. This also works really well for kids if you blend it up with frozen blueberries, banana and coconut water.

Do you have any ways you add vitamin C into your diet, we'd love to hear how if you leave a comment below.

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