Why We Love Coconut Oil!

If you are a health conscious person then you have probably looked at what oils are most beneficial for our health. Normally extra virgin olive oil comes top on the list, however what many people neglect to tell you is that olive oil becomes rancid when heated at high temperatures which in turn means it loses many of its health giving qualities and the beneficial enzymes are destroyed.

This is the same for the majority of vegetable oils, which when used as dressings and not heated have abundant benefits but when used for frying and cooking can become rancid and toxic to our bodies.

However coconut oil is stable when heated so it retains its many health benefits, and contains many beneficial fats for our bodies.

The Abundant Goodness of Coconut Oil.

Recent research has shown that not only is Coconut oil a great choice of oil due to it being cholesterol free, and a great source of fats but according to recent research it also has the ability to help fight tooth decay. The research was conducted in Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland, and tests have shown that when coconut oil is consumed it may be able to stop the growth of a bacteria called "Streptococcus bacteria", this bacteria is the one responsible for causing cavities in our teeth, due to its acid forming properties. This suggests that the use of coconut oil may be beneficial for our smile as well as being nutritious.

Coconut oil is often used by athletes as it is believed to be a good source of energy and help to enhance stamina and endurance, Also the fact that it contains lauric acid, which is what is found in breast milk means it is great for building up and strengthening our immune systems. This is why many people use to help fight off viruses, colds and flu.

Virgin Coconut Oil is also believed to help to speed up our metabolism as it contains saturated fats which are medium chain fatty triglycerides that are easy for the liver to metabolize, and furthermore reduce oxidative damage on cells,and mop up free radicals and help you to look younger. Many people who use coconut oil believe that eating the right sort of fats such as that found in coconut oil helps people to maintain a healthy weight.

Digestive health can also be improved by consuming coconut oil due to its anti-bacterial properties, and many people use it to help ease stomach ulcers.

Coconut oil is also known for its beautifying properties this is probably due to its content of В  Vitamin E, this being the vitamin that is associated with В helping to prevent dry skin and keeping skin supple and healthy.

How we Use Coconut Oil.

In our house we use Coconut Oil for so many uses, not only do we cook with it whenever we are frying or baking, but we also spread it on wraps, bread and crackers. We add it to herbal teas in order to boost our immune systems and for extra energy. We also use it it topically on our skin as a moisturiser, in our hair as a conditioner and when our young son has had an ear infection we have used it in his ear to help heal it. Our son who is not yet two also interestingly devours it just eating it from a spoon especially when he has been sick. I have also used it on his teeth as he has gone through stages of not wanting to brush his teeth, but is more than happy for me to rub coconut oil on his teeth.

Finally I highly recommend always having a jar of coconut oil in your pantry as it has great healing properties, if you feel a cold coming on why not add it to a herbal tea or if your skin is a little dry just massage a little into the effected area, the uses are endless and the effects are marvelous.