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Freeware - what and how


Free doesn't mean bad! At least not always.:) You can use many useful freeware along with or even instead of standard Windows applications.

Why this software is free?

There are several options:
- The program is distributed as a gift. For example, it might be written by an amateur enthusiast who doesn't want to make money for it. Or a manufacturing company advertises its other products in this way.
Oddly enough, there are many such programs and among them there are very useful and professional utilities.
- The same, but distributed not free of charge, but not at the expense of the consumer. The simplest option is a file hosting service that pays for the number of downloads. In this case, the downloader will have to admire the ads for a while.
Sometimes ads are built into the program itself, and can be turned off by paying the author.
- The paid program has a free version. Naturally, it is worse than the one offered for the money. Often some features cut in the free version. But, quite possibly, you will never need this advanced functionality.
- The program is offered for download in a package with other products (manufacturers of which pay for it to author).


Is it safety?

No sane programmer will create a useful utility to inject a virus into it. The insane usually cannot or do not want to create anything useful, but if this happens, it will become known very quickly. So, yes - the programs themselves are quite safe.

The main rule is to read reviews first, then download.
Otherwise, it is very likely that you will find a miraculous program that promises to eradicate all viruses and really finds a huge amount of them on your computer, and then tries to lure out money for their treatment.

Sometimes the required file is offered for download in a package with other programs (which is almost never reported). This earnings are usually not carried out by the software manufacturers themselves, but by various file collectors. This is perhaps the most unpleasant download option, since additional utilities may to be not only viruses (although this is not excluded), but completely unnecessary programs, which then have to be removed manually.
Conscientious sites still give you the opportunity to choose what you will install and what not, but usually you still need to look for this option. And in any case, you will have to download the entire package.

Therefore, it is better to find the desired program directly on the author's website or on a verified portal. In any case, if the downloaded file is much larger than the estimated size, it is better to look for another option.

And you don't need to think that antivirus will protect you from everything. If a person wants to infect a computer, no antivirus will stop him. The main enemy of viruses is common sense.