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Programs for hard disk (HDD)

The hard drive is the only device in your computer that requires regular maintenance. If the other hardware is either working properly or needs to be replaced, then the hard drive, even if it is in good working order, may work worse, or even not work at all.hddThe simplest example is lack of free space. If the disk is full, the computer will run very slowly, and if you do not take steps to clean it, it will completely freeze.

The disc can overheat, which also greatly affects the speed of work. It could be a hardware malfunction, but it is quite possible that you just need to open the case and dust off.

The hard drive should be periodically checked for errors - logical (in the data storage structure) and hardware. (electronics or disc surface problems). The first is corrected, the second indicates that the disk will need to be replaced - but it is better to know about this in advance, and not when the disk will no longer be able to work and, perhaps, you will lose data.

It is harmless to periodically defragment - moving data in such a way that fragments of the programs or documents used are as close as possible to each other. This allows you to increase system performance.

To perform all these tasks, there are quite a few utilities, both built into Windows and third-party manufacturers (including free ones).