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Free disk space calculator TreeSize

The program is designed to calculate the volume occupied by folders and files. This is necessary to find large amounts of data in order to determine the possibility of freeing up disk space.
It is far from always possible to say with certainty where exactly the free space "disappears", but meanwhile, this is a critical indicator. If the free space is so small that the paging file will no longer fit, the computer will be working very slow. And if there is no space left at all, it may freeze.

From the standard Windows tools, you can use Explorer to calculate the space occupied by folders, but this is very inconvenient - you have to click on each folder separately, and then on each folder inside this folder.

TreeSize Free makes this much easier. The program must be run with administrator rights - then it can scan system and hidden folders. Scanning will take a few seconds, after which you can see the result.TreeSizeIn my example, you can see that most of the space is occupied by the "Users"folder, that is, the personal data of users. You can expand it and see what is so large in this folder, and if you find something unnecessary (for example, downloaded or temporary files), you can immediately delete them.

The toolbar buttons are pretty self-explanatory.

You can select a different drive (or a specific directory) for scanning, display different folder parameters (size, occupied space - absolute or relative, number of files), select units of measurement and the degree of directory expansion - either up to a certain level, or all levels.

Several tabs were made, apparently for solidity. :) It would be quite possible to fit everything on one - it would be much more convenient.

On the "Scanning" tab, the buttons of the main panel are repeated and a search button is added, the transition to a level up, the print of the report and for some reason a button calling the Windows Explorer.TreeSize - Scanning tabThe View tab has one useful button, "Show Tree Map", which opens a graphical display of disk space allocation.TreeSize - Show Tree MapWhen this button is pressed, an additional green "Tree Map" tab appears at the top, where you can configure the display mode - the level of detail, map location, etc.TreeSize - Tree MapThe "Settings" tab allows you to set a filter by name (it is not very clear what this may be needed for), hide empty folders, change the appearance of the interface, language, etc. The main thing that needs to be done here is to check the box "Always run this program as administrator", because only in this case you can have full functionality.TreeSize - SettingsThe program exists in three versions, the other two are paid. They have added options that that are not really needed by an ordinary user - such as the ability to simultaneously scan more than two disks, the 64-bit version, automatic updates, exporting reports, etc.

You can download the TreeSize Free program from the site Jam Software