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Convert YouTube videos to MP3 or other audio format

MP3 conversion software

The program is convenient, despite the need to download and install it separately. The problem is that there are not so many free YouTube video to MP3 audio conversion programs. I found two only.
One of them simply did not want to work.
The second - "Free YouTube to MP3 Converter".
Free YouTube to MP3 Converter
 This program working, but after clicking the "Download" button, issued a warning: Free YouTube to MP3 Converter
In general, it's understandable - this is a free version of a paid program. But how slow is it? I checked. Song of 4 min. loaded in 16 minutes, at a speed of 238 kb/min. Really VERY slow.
Moreover, there is a limit on the number of downloads per day or on the volume. The limitation is very severe - after downloading a 3.8 MB song. I have not been able to test anything else.
In general, the program is completely useless, given the huge number of free online services that do the same at normal speed and without any restrictions.

Online conversion to MP3

Finding sites that offer this is not a problem. Everything works very simply and quickly. You need to insert a link to the YouTube video and download an MP3 file in a few tens of seconds.

For example:

Youtube Mp3 Converter

Each file must be no more than 200 MB and there is a limit on the number of allowed conversions per minute. In practice, this does not interfere. It is hardly possible to find a clip larger than 200 MB, and the second limitation is intended to prohibit multi-stream conversion.

Youtube Mp3 Converter


No restrictions were reported.Y2mate