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Sheremetyevo - how to get from the airport and to the airport by public transport

Sheremetyevo International Airport is located north of Moscow, about 15 km. from Moscow ring road. International terminals D and F are located nearby (although it's still about 10 minutes on foot). Terminal A is located at a decent distance, but it is connected to the international terminals by an internal railway line (travel is free). Public transport is represented by Aeroexpress, buses and minibuses.

Aeroexpress to Sheremetyevo

Airport train follows from the Belorussky railway station (Belorusskaya metro station). When moving towards the airport, the Aeroexpress makes a stop at the Okruzhnaya station. Travel time - 35-40 minutes. from the train station and 10 min. less than "Okruzhnoy". Trains depart from 5:30 to 0:30, with an interval of 30 minutes. The Aeroexpress station is located next to Terminal E. If you need another terminal, add some time to get to your destination, it may not be close at all.

Buses from Sheremetyevo Airport

Bus and minibuses stops in Sheremetyevo are located next to each terminal. The fare on the bus is the same as on all Moscow transport, on the minibus some more. In minibuses payment in cash, in buses with city transport cards. It is less convenient to travel by minibus (because there is less space), but it can be faster, since stops are made only on demand. Usually, you don’t even have to wait for minibuses - there are several of them and they leave as they fill up.
From the bus station "Sheremetyevo Airport"depart:
Bus No.851 (from 5:37 to 01:05) and minibus No.949 (from 6:30 to 22:00). To the metro station "Rechnoy Vokzal", travel time 30-40 minutes, interval 15-20 minutes.
Bus No.817 (from 5:23 to 00:09) and minibus No.948 (from 6:30 to 22:00). To the metro station "Planernaya", travel time 30-40 minutes, interval 15-20 minutes.
Special night bus No.H1. departs from the airport from 23:58 to 4:58, every 30 minutes. to the metro station "Kitay-gorod". True, at this time no other public transport in Moscow works. On the other hand, a taxi to Kitay-gorod and a taxi to Sheremetyevo are completely different money.

Buses to Sheremetyevo Airport

At the metro station "Rechnoy Vokzal"minibuses stand on the corner of the street Festivalnaya street. Bus stop No.851 is right in front of the subway exit. Near the metro station "Planernaya"there is a transport interchange hub (TPU), next to it there is a bus stop in Sheremetyevo.

Bus stop to Sheremetyevo Airport near the station metro Planernaya


Bus No.851, before getting to terminals F and D, circles around the airport to deliver employees to the place of work and, accordingly, first arrives at terminal B. This is about half an hour extra, that is, the travel time is no longer 40-50 min., and about an hour and a half!
Bus No.817 does the same, but in reverse - first visits terminals F and D, and then travels around the airport, including to terminal B.
That is, if you need terminal B, then you need to go to the airport by bus No.851, and from the airport by bus No.817. If you are arriving or departing from terminal F or D, then you need to go to the airport by bus No.817, and from the airport by bus No.851

Buses going to Sheremetyevo and from Sheremetyevo make many stops, that is, you can get on not only at Planernaya or River Station, but at any stop along the way. For example, it may be convenient to take the train to the Planernaya platform (about half an hour from the Leningradsky railway station) and there you can transfer to bus No.851. This eliminates traffic jams on the Leningrad Highway, which are almost always present in the Khimki region.

Here - Official website of Sheremetyevo Airport.